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Columbus Georgia Answering Service

With over three decades of developing our expertise, Answering Service Care has an excellent understanding of how to employ leading-edge telephone communication solutions to assist Columbus, Upatoi, and Fort Benning, Georgia enterprises deliver high-quality telephone customer service. Whether your business objectives entails attracting new customers or servicing long-time clientele, we help professional and service companies succeed. Columbus, GA has a history of fostering an entrepreneurial environment for a diverse range of industries; companies understand the importance of customers having a superior customer service experience. Located approximately 100 miles south of Atlanta, legislators created the city in 1828.

Its economy quickly exploded into a booming cotton-trading hub for the region. By the 1860’s the city’s location motivated many entrepreneurs to build milling enterprises around the Chattahoochee River, which propelled it into one of the most dynamic industrial centers in the country. The construction of the Fort Benning in 1918 expanded and helped diversify the city’s commercial base even more, which fueled its growth as a modern city. Today, as the county seat of Muscogee County, Georgia, Columbus has a population of 185,705 people. Nearly 60 % of the areas businesses consist of professionals, trades, sales and service-oriented enterprises. Answering Service Care can help any enterprise rise to the top – regardless of the profession or industry.

Whether you need help managing incoming /outgoing calls or a virtual office setup, Answering Service Care has built a record of accomplishments blending cost-efficient phone services with a personal touch and employing leading-edge technology. We work with you to develop a customized plan that merges seamlessly into your current operations. Look at just a few of the services available to you:

  • Virtual Office
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Live Operators
  • Bilingual Operators
  • Call Overflow
  • Free Local and Toll-Free Numbers

One of the main reasons we have become the premier company in the Georgia answering service field because of on-going training program that continually employ the best practices in the industry. In addition, Answering Service Care continually upgrades and fine-tunes our proprietary software and answering service tools to bring you the latest in communication devices.

Answering Service Care offers these services for physicians, lawyers, dentists, real estate brokers and other professionals. Trade businesses, such as contractors, plumbers, electrician heating and air conditioning also gain tremendous competitive advantages by employing Answering Service Care’s communication solutions. Business owners in Columbus, Georgia can relax when it come to their telephone service and know their clients or customers receive a pleasant and professional experience 100 percent of the time – evenings, weekends or 24/7, 365 days a year.

Why put off a decision that can change the course of your business for the better and send you catapulting to the top of your field? Answering Service Care works with you to formulate a plan that helps your operations project a more professional image; we can replace your receptionist/ in-house staff or support your current employees. Contact an Answering Service Care agent to learn how our affordable and effective telephone service solutions can yield immediate benefits.