Trial Terms and Conditions

Trial Period

Answering Service Care, LLC (“ASC”) Clients may start with a trial period of a paid service, with a limited-time money-back guarantee. To become an ASC Client, you must subscribe for answering services with ASC, elect a qualifying ASC pricing plan (up to 500 min), and pay applicable fees for account activation. Prior ASC Clients, prior participants of an ASC trial period, prior recipients of a refund for ASC’s services, or new Clients that require ASC’s services for promotional or advertising campaigns are not eligible for a trial period. For qualifying Clients, the trial will end at the conclusion of the time period specified, or if the Client exceeds their plan’s usage allowance, whichever occurs sooner. During the trial period, a maximum of two (2) simultaneous calls on the Client’s account can be handled by ASC. Please note that ASC will convert your account from a trial account to a subscription account at the end of the trial period unless you cancel services in writing prior to the end of the trial period. Clients that cancel services prior to the end of the trial period will receive a refund of monies paid at the time of sale as well as credits for charges on the account; please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.  

Billing Practices

Services are billed in advance, plus any usage and additional charges incurred. Your first invoice may include a pro-rated charge if you signed up in the middle of a billing cycle. Your initial charges for service represent our best estimate of what charges should apply based on our discussion with you.  However, our computers monitor the operator time and telephone facilities needed to serve each client.  Usage is billed from cradle to grave; from the inception of a call in our systems through its completion and is calculated in whole minutes. Your actual bill will be based on the reports generated from our computer system.   When necessary, prices may be increased for the forthcoming billing period to enable us to continue to provide service.


Service will be provided until canceled in writing. Cancellation by Client shall be provided one (1) billing calendar month in advance of the desired termination date.


All payments should be made payable to Answering Service Care LLC (ASC).

Nonpayment Policy

All invoices not paid by the next invoice date will incur a late charge.  In addition, interest at 1.5% will start to accrue.  Service may be interrupted or terminated without notice for nonpayment.  Such interruption or termination does not relieve the Client of the responsibility for all accrued charges.  In addition to the outstanding bill, the Client shall also be liable for all late charges, interest, collection fees, attorney’s fees and other costs incurred in the collection of monies due.

Returned Check or ACH

In the event Client pays by check and such check is dishonored for any reason, client shall pay all bank charges incurred as a result of a dishonored check charge and all other costs incurred in the collection of monies due.  Any returned checks will result in a $35 returned check fee.  The nonpayment policy above will also apply.

Data Retention Policy

Through ASC’s best efforts, the following data retention guidelines are implemented within ASC systems:
Messages taken on the Client’s behalf are retained for up to six (6) months
Fort those clients who subscribe to our call recording feature, call recordings are retained for up to thirty (30) days.

Limitation of Liability

It is the policy of ASC to provide services on a best efforts basis. ASC will endeavor to manage its service in such a way that the Client receives prompt, accurate, and courteous service.  However, ASC’s liability to the Client for any negligent or non-negligent act or omission of any nature (including any failure to receive or deliver messages or any interruption of service) by ASC or its employees or agents shall in no event exceed an amount equal to the charges payable by the Client for services for the days on which such act or omission occurred.  The client releases the company from all other liability.

Termination for Convenience 

ASC reserves the right to terminate services for convenience upon seven (7) days written notice. Upon Notice of Termination for Convenience, ASC shall be paid for any and all services performed through the termination date.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Unless you notify ASC in writing within fifteen (15) days of the invoice date stated on the front of this bill, your continued use of ASC services will constitute your acceptance and agreement to these Terms and Conditions of Service and to the amounts and charges stated on the front of this invoice.

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