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We are Answering Service Care, a leading answering service provider since 1974. Our clients choose us for our experience, our feature-rich tools and our reputation. They stay with us for the compassion, professionalism and skill of our telephone agent team, powered by “smiling faces that care.”

All The Features You Need

24/7 Live Service

Imagine the relief you’d feel knowing that your callers will reach a live, professional phone operator every time they call.

Follow Me

Make sure you are on top of your calls and callers by letting us know specifically how you wish for each kind of incoming call to be routed and handled.

Bilingual Agents

We’re so proud to offer a bilingual (Spanish/English) service option for your Spanish-speaking callers.

Overflow Call Support

Whether it’s a busy season, a peak time of day or just lots of incoming calls at once, we have you covered whenever you need.

Appointment Scheduling

Our live agents can help your callers schedule, re-schedule, cancel or inquire about their appointments online and in real-time.

Email Marketing

With the click of a button, our professional phone agents can send your callers post-call emails to help keep your branding and information top-of-mind.

Answering Service Benefits…Where Do We Start?

24/7 Coverage

Rest easy knowing that your answering team is open for business 24/7/365…days, nights, weekends, during emergencies, in times of natural disasters—whenever your callers call.


When comparing the cost of hiring an answering service team versus paying your own full-time employee(s), the answering service option makes better sense every time.

Premier Customer Service

Your callers will deeply appreciate the high level of service they receive from your professional telephone agent team—and they will make sure to recommend you to others.

Quality Reputation Management

Your answering service team will contribute enormously to the building and maintaining of your stellar business reputation…that you can count on.

Increased Freedom For You

When was the last time you were freed-up to focus on what you do best—or even to spend an evening or weekend away from work—instead of dealing with ringing phones?

Smarter Growth

With the right answering service team in place, your business or practice can grow consistently and efficiently while still saving time, money and other valuable resources.

Answering Service Packages For All Industries

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Medical Answering Service • Funeral Home Answering Service • Real Estate Answering Service • Small Business Answering Service • Dental Answering Service • Law Firm Answering Service

So Many Tools: Manage Your Account Online

Our answering service clients are empowered by the online portal we have created just for them.Just some ways you can take advantage of all of the tools at your fingertips:

  • Monitor Usage
  • Make Online Payments
  • Store Call Recordings
  • Maintain Your On-Call Schedule
  • Access Your Messages
  • Purchase New Services


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Free Setup Answering Service

Let’s Chat About This Answering Service Special Offer

We want to join forces with you! We’re so proud of the superior service we offer that we would like to extend to you a special limited-time offer: Sign up for an answering service plan today and we will waive the set-up charges (a $75 value), reducing your up-front costs right from the start.

* First and last month payment are required for all plans. This offer is valid for plans of $74.95/month and higher.

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