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The greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida area is a prime setting for service-related businesses that are geared toward consumers and other businesses. Companies in the region range from tourism to international trade and from financial services to software technology. Answering Service is a top-rated family-owned and operated Florida answering service company that offers a wide array of answering service tools to all kinds of businesses. Our services are designed to assist business owners to manage the callers to their businesses in order to deliver high-quality customer service to their existing patients, customers and clients. Our live phone answering service can also assist new and existing companies expand their customer base by pulling in new business.

Fort Lauderdale, FL is often described as a city of elaborate canal systems. It has a population of 183,606 people and is the main city in the urban enclave of Broward County in South Florida. The region has close to 5.5 million residents. The Fort Lauderdale area is a diverse collection of communities, which include Tamarac, Plantation, Davie, Sunrise, Weston, Cooper City, Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, Sea Lakes Ranch and Lauderdale by the Sea. The city is located 23 minutes north of Miami and is a major center for yachting and tourism.

Besides serving local resident and businesses, Fort Lauderdale businesses accommodated over 10.3 million tourists in 2006. With a $2 Billion dollar expansion planned for the Port Everglades seaport over the next 20 years, the area is primed for economic growth that promises to stimulate the Fort Lauderdale local economy and bring even more commerce to Broward County Florida. Answering Service can help your business grow right along with the local economy by setting you up with world class answering service with live bilingual operators.

Many local businesses in the service industry and in the legal, financial, dental, health care and real estate professions are aware of the importance that telephone customer service play in the success of their business. Construction trades company owners, including plumbing, electrical, carpentry and heating and air conditioning also understand the value of a reliable and high quality answering service to handle their calls. One negative experience or a missed call can have a direct impact on your business and often, without your knowledge.

For example, a study revealed that 75 percent of new callers say that they move on to a competitor if they receive a voicemail when they call a business for the first time. Another study conducted by the Harvard Business Review reports that reducing customer defection by 5 percent was the equivalent of increasing profits between 25 to 95 percent. Unquestionably, both studies emphasize the importance that a flexible, professional answering service company like Answering Services can have on the bottom line of your business.

Choose Answering Service live operators to manage the telephone customer service for your business, can safeguard your company’s most critical asset, which is the relationship with your callers.