An Entertainment Answering Service Could Give You Your Big Break (From the Phone)

Promoting entertainment events is all fun and games until you start to feel like you’re literally attached to the phone all day long. When you can’t catch a break from the telephone, it’s time to call in some backup from an entertainment business answering service.

Bring in the Pros to Help with Phone Tasks

There’s a lot more to your entertainment business work than making and receiving calls, but these days it seems to be all you do.

When you literally can’t find the time to visit venues, meet with new clients or eat lunch away from your desk, it’s definitely time to examine your process and see what you can start to outsource to an entertainment business answering service.

Answering Service Care employs telephone operators for our entertainment answering service teams who will not only preserve the confidentiality of your clients, but who act like the professionals you expect them to be. Your entertainment business answering service can function just like an extension of your own team, no matter what exciting event you’re planning or popular celebrity you may have on the phone.

We offer your entertainment business a wide range of services, including:

  • 24/7 Call Answering. No matter if you’re just busy or you’re away from the office, you can count on your answering service to pick up the phone and handle each call professionally.You can choose to have them simply take a message, attempt to connect the call to your phone or to provide some type of information that you’ve authorized. If there’s an emergency, your answering service can handle this, too!
  • Appointment Setting. You spend a lot of time making, changing and canceling appointments with clients, venues and others, but it’s time that doesn’t provide much of a return.Instead of sinking that time and never seeing it again, you can let your answering service’s dedicated appointment setting queue take over the job and update your calendar accordingly, in real time. You’ll always know where you need to be and when, and you can make your own changes to your calendar to keep your team informed of your whereabouts.
  • Custom On-Hold Music. It’s never fun to be on hold, but sometimes you have to place a caller on hold in order to find or confirm information before you can give them a definite answer. In those cases, you could be using your on-hold music better.Instead of just serving up the same old boring instrumental versions of popular songs, you can insert messages about upcoming events, promote your brand or talk about other areas of interest. These kinds of breaks can not only make being on hold more bearable, but can also give extra power to your business’s marketing efforts.

The entertainment promotion industry is a tough, competitive one that demands you have every advantage you can. That’s why Answering Service Care developed our customizable entertainment answering service for companies like yours. We’ve been here since 1974 and we know exactly what it takes to give your business that extra sparkle. Call us today at 800.430.6511 or email us here to get started with your personalized quote.