Emergency Answering Services

Hurricanes, fires and other serious disasters happen in the blink of an eye, but you don’t have to leave your customers wondering how to cope.

By contracting with a telephone answering service with redundant backup systems and years of experience with these stressful situations, your customers will know exactly what to expect during the recovery process.

In times when live answering services are impossible for your local business, you don’t have to worry about lost revenue or missed calls. In fact, it’s going to be business as usual in many ways. Various business types can benefit from hurricane answering services, including:

eCommerce fulfillment. Even when disaster strikes, your virtual call center can continue to take calls, advise customers of order delays and process necessary refunds. Down time can mean huge losses for traditional businesses, but when you’ve got a call center and warehouse off-site, eCommerce can keep rolling.

Medical offices. Naturally after a disaster, your patients want to know when you’ll be back in the office. They may need to schedule appointments that can’t wait or be unable to keep prior commitments and want to cancel. With a virtual receptionist service on your team, you can keep patients informed as to when you’ll be reopening and what to do if they have missed an appointment due to the hurricane or other emergency.

Property managers. Disasters can be busy times for property managers, who are often running between properties trying to assess the damage. Hiring a telephone answering service frees you up to delegate repair work quickly and get displaced renters into temporary housing. Operators can even answer common questions for you once you’ve formed a plan of action.

Construction businesses. Every phone will be ringing right off the hook after a hurricane — do you have the staff to deal with a huge surge in business? If not, an offsite answering service can take messages, help schedule appointments and make sure that everyone who is trying to reach you gets through to someone at your business. The more time you can spend focusing on cleaning up and repairing the damage left behind, the sooner life will return to normal for everyone.

There’s no single type of business that isn’t impacted by a serious local disaster like a hurricane. When you’ve got a virtual receptionist team in place to assure callers that you’re fine and that business will be back to normal soon, everybody will breathe a little easier during these incredibly stressful times.


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