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Have you ever checked your inbox, only to realize that you missed an important email from days ago? Our Email-to-Action service was created for a valued client who received important alarm emails that needed to be dispatched after-hours. We stepped in to monitor the inbox and dispatch emails to a technician each time an alarm came in. Not only did this help our client stop missing important emails, but it also helped them provide better customer support and ultimately grow their business.

We’re committed to your business’ success. As a leading answering service since 1974, Answering Service Care is committed to providing our clients with the most innovative, efficient tools to grow their businesses. We realized that a lot of businesses miss out on important emails every day, so we created a way to prevent it from happening. Our team members can monitor your inbox and alert you if we receive an email according to your specifications.

How does Email-to-Action work?

Answering Service Care’s Email-to-Action is a service where our trained live operators can monitor your emails or inbound email tickets and follow outlined steps to make sure the proper parties are aware. We’ll assign you an inbox to forward your messages to, and it will be monitored by our operators during the times of your choosing. When an urgent email comes in, we will react accordingly. We can call, email, or text you or a member of your staff to alert you or escalate an issue. We also offer copied and pasted email transcripts, so our clients have a written record of each message.

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Provide Better Customer Support with Email Monitoring Services

24/7 Support

Our agents are available day and night, so you never miss an important email while you work, sleep, or enjoy quality time with your family.

Trained, Educated Agents

Our live agents receive specialized training and follow outlined steps to make sure the proper parties are aware of new emails.

Faster Lead Response Times

Think about how many more leads you could convert if you were able to get in touch them almost immediately!

So Many Business Solutions

Email-to-Action is a popular add-on service for businesses that already use our call, live web chat and text message answering services.

Who Can Benefit from an Email Monitoring Service?

What started as a one-off solution for a valued client has become a popular service among a variety of businesses. Here are some of the ways that businesses are benefiting from our Email-to-Action services!

Educational Answering Services
  • Tech Companies. Our clients in the tech field that use a ticketing system benefit from Email-to-Action because it ensures that every service ticket is received by an operator and responded to.
  • IT Companies. Many IT companies receive alarms and tech alerts via email. We monitor the email account and dispatch these alarms and alerts to designated technicians to ensure that everyone is aware.
  • Legal Offices. If your new online leads forward to an email address, our agents can monitor it around the clock. Based on your specific instructions and requirements, they will determine who needs to be contacted ASAP and alert the appropriate legal representative.
  • Lead-Generating Businesses. Is your business generating time-sensitive website leads that must be contacted immediately? With our Email-To-Action service, our agents can monitor your inbox and quickly alert you when an important lead comes in. We’ll make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to secure new business and generate new revenue for your company!

We Love Our Answering Service Clients!

They do CARE about each one of their clients and staff, everyone is truly friendly and sincerely willing to help, the trainer team is fabulous!
Lowell TaylorLowell Taylor
10:21 01 Mar 22
We're extremely pleased with our experience with Answering Service Care. Getting set up was easy and if you have any questions they always get back to you. I'd highly recommend them.
Lowell TaylorLowell Taylor
17:55 24 Feb 22
Very good company to partner with. I would highly recommend them.
konrad skoczylaskonrad skoczylas
11:52 23 Feb 22
Best thing i could have done for our business. The price is very inexpensive and the service they provide is top notch. Mr. Michael Diaz is one of the most professional reps i have ever had pleasure of dealing with. I called Answering Service Care after finding them online. Michael explained to me the charges and how the service works .And took the time to answer my questions, I jumped onboard 15 min later and two days later my personalized answering service was in full swing. I got very positive feed back from my customers who were able to talk to live person and leave a message that i got emailed texted and send to me through the app. Wonderful Service, Wonderful company and great people Thanks Michael
Juan SantanaJuan Santana
22:30 17 Feb 22
A great service for all of us needed a professional, courteous, and efficient answering service. Thank you!
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In business since 1974, Answering Service Care is a true leader in the industry. We’d like to show you – and your callers – just why this is. We don’t outsource, we are fully-U.S.-based and we offer bilingual answering service options, among many other reasons. We believe in technology, and we believe in people, too.

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