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Does My Insurance Company Need an Answering Service?

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Insurance is a competitive business and with rates increasing in some sectors, it means that many consumers will be shopping around for the best policy prices. In this type of market, any phone call or text message that goes unanswered will simply equate to lost business. Partnering with an insurance answering service that understands the nuances will be key to helping your company thrive in this market.

Below we will answer and discuss the following questions to give you a better idea how insurance companies and answering services work together.

  • What does an answering service for insurance companies do?
  • How does an answering service for insurance companies work?
  • How much does it cost to hire an answering service for my insurance business?

What does an answering service for insurance companies do?

An insurance answering service is a company that manages incoming communications on behalf of insurance companies, claims adjusters, and other insurance professionals. When a phone call or text message comes in, it will be answered by a professional live receptionist who serves as a representative of the business. These individuals can schedule appointments, answer general questions, qualify leads, and take messages. They can also assist with claims processing and lead capturing, ensuring you are providing top-notch customer service and continuing to grow your business.

But don’t let the name deceive you- an answering service does more than the name implies. It can also qualify leads, assist with disaster recovery (such as hurricanes or earthquakes) and monitor for important emails, allowing you to do more with your work days!

How does an answering service for insurance companies work?

An insurance answering service is easy to set up and use as often (or as little) as you need it. Once your phones are set up to forward to us, your incoming calls will be promptly answered by our professional live agents during the times of your choosing. Our friendly receptionists will assist your customers and prospects to answer their questions, resolve their issues, and pass along detailed messages. Emergencies and urgent issues will be escalated so they can receive they attention they deserve, and you will have the ability to manage your account any time, from anywhere using the ASC Mobile app. Pretty simple, right?

How much does it cost to hire an answering service for my insurance business?

The cost to hire an answering service will vary depending on your needs. If it is hurricane season, for example, and you are in home insurance, you may want to consider ramping up your coverage just for those months to cover claims calls. Or maybe you need extra help on nights and weekends because your phone is ringing off the hook; this way you can be freed up to think about big picture stuff.

When researching and comparing different answering services you might also want to consider these factors:

  • Do I need to partner with a HIPAA-compliant service? If your business handles protected health information, it’s essential that you partner with a HIPAA compliant insurance answering service. Reputable agencies will offer live agents who can handle your calls that have been trained on all HIPAA requirements and privacy procedures.
  • Does my business need a bilingual live agent? Here in the U.S., 13% of the population speaks Spanish at home, making it the most common non-English language spoken. Working with live agents who can effectively communicate with callers in their preferred language is becoming increasingly valuable, especially if your business is based in an area with a high volume of Spanish speakers.
  • Do I need an automated or live answering service? While automated answering services work well for some industries, they are not equipped to help people with more nuanced issues that the insurance industry faces. Only a trained human can deliver compassionate and knowledgeable customer service, which is why we recommend live answering services to our insurance industry clients. These services ensure that callers are warmly greeted by a friendly live agent who can handle complicated matters.
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