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Does My Business Need a 24-Hour Answering Service?

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In recent years, the United States has become a 24-hour society and consumers are increasingly demanding. Businesses have adapted quickly to the change by staying open later and extending their customer service hours. These extra hours offer an amazing opportunity to increase their sales- if they can keep up and provide excellent service.

One of the ways that businesses are providing around-the-clock customer service for less is by partnering with 24-hour answering services. A 24-hour answering service allows you to be there for your customers whenever they contact you, without having to sacrifice your time off.

Do I need a 24-hour answering service for my business?

When speaking with business owners, the question of how much coverage they will need always comes up. If you’re wondering whether a 24-hour answering service is right for your business, the simple answer is this: if you’re receiving calls during non-business hours, you will certainly benefit by partnering with one. Allow us to explain how and why!

Customers expect great service, even during non-business hours

Back in 2017, 54% of consumers said they had higher customer service expectations than they did one year previously. Now in 2021, it is safe to say that customer expectations are even higher. Not only do consumers expect excellent customer service, but 40% of consumers reported that they expect it all the time. Being available to your customers whenever they call shows that you care and that you are willing to go the extra mile to please them.

You’re losing customers by sending them to voicemail

If people are calling your business at all hours, they expect to speak with someone who can help them. Data shows that 80% of callers would rather hang up than leave a voicemail because they don’t think they’ll even be heard. Your customers want instant gratification, and if you don’t provide that they will move on and call your competitors.

On the other hand, callers are not likely to hang up on a live person. Even if your virtual receptionist is only able to warmly greet the caller and take a message, they will still be able to make a great impression and make the customer feel acknowledged and valued.

You can be more productive during business hours

In addition to providing coverage on nights and weekends, a call answering service can help you grow your business from 9 to 5. Imagine how much more you and your team could accomplish in an average workday without the distraction of a constantly ringing phone!

Be available to your customers for a fraction of the cost

As the world shifts to a more 24/7 environment, businesses are finding new ways to adapt without spending too much money. A 24-hour answering service enables your business to remain open without burning out your current employees or having to hire new ones. When you work with an answering service, you only pay for the calls that are answered. Consider how nice it would be to operate at all hours, without having to choose between sales and revenue and sleep and quality time with your family.

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