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Do Missed Calls Really Mean Missed Business?

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When your customers reach out to connect with you, can they?

If you’re struggling to answer phones in your office during business hours, or don’t have coverage during off-hours, you could be leaving potential customers in the lurch. And, really, how likely do you think they are to pick up the phone and call back if they couldn’t reach your business the first time?

Missing calls means missed business. Having a call go unanswered is akin to having a door slammed in your customer’s face. They won’t want to call back. They’ll simply find your competitor and get the service they need there.

With each missed call, you could be losing out on hundreds if not thousands of dollars of business, depending on the typical price of your service or product. For example if 10% of your phone calls result in a sale of $500 or more, and 20% of your 300 calls per month are going to voice mail – you’re looking at a potential loss of $3,000 per month.

In addition, your professional reputation could be damaged. Missed calls make your company look small, struggling and disorganized. They make your customers or potential customers feel under-valued – and that can prevent them from contacting you in the future.

A missed call is nothing to ignore. No matter what type of business you’re in, you need to have a plan for dealing with incoming calls to ensure that you get all of the business coming your way.

Here’s how to never miss a call again:

  1. Work with a professional answering service to take incoming calls.A phone answering service with virtual receptionists can seamlessly take calls remotely and forward them to your office. Your callers will never know that they are in a different location, and you can be sure that all of your calls are answered.
  2. Get 24/7 coverage from your answering service.As you search for the right telephone answering service for your business, make sure that they offer after hours and weekend coverage for calls. This is particularly important if you work with emergency situations – like plumbing or electrical problems. With 24/7 answering services, important calls can be routed directly to your cell phone if need be.

That’s it! Just two simple steps can ensure that you are answering all of your incoming calls and gaining all of the potential business that comes with those calls.

Answering Service Care provides professional phone answering services for businesses of all sizes. Call us today for more information, (800) 430-6511.

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