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The  Situation

Newly established dental practice; Superior Dental needed a way for patients and dental colleagues to contact the office during non-office hours case of emergencies.

The Challenge

Working in the dental field requires urgency and attention to detail; it is  common to interact with callers who are in extreme pain or have a dire emergencies. Superior Dental needed a 24/7 dental answering service with competent and efficient representatives.

The  Solution

Answering Service Care offered Superior Dental 24/7 live dental answering service. Our Answering Service Pros are trained and knowledgeable of the terms used in the dental industry.

answering serviceShortly after Dr. Richard Douglas and his wife Mrs. Pauline Douglas started their dental practice in 1984, they realized they would need a system in place for their patients with dental emergencies and other members of the dental industry to contact their office after normal business hours and decided to hire an answering service.

Mrs. Pauline Douglas, Co-Owner of Superior Dental, shared that when she first became a client of Ding-A-Ling Answering Service she was not sure what an answering service could offer her practice. “It was the first time we would be using an answering service but they did an excellent job handling our calls and set very high standards,” Mrs. Douglas explained. “The initial presentation that was made by the answering service was truly remarkable. I could tell that the agents were trained and that they would treat our patients and callers with respect” she added.

Mrs. Douglas and her husband quickly noticed after becoming an answering service client that their days would flow much smoother as there was no need to constantly check for voice messages. The office was then able to better utilize its resources; they started interacting with patients more and created relationships that ultimately helped the Douglas duo grow their dental practice.

Even though the answering service has changed its location once, its name twice and updated its technology countless times one thing always remained constant: excellent service. Here are the three main reasons Superior Dental stayed with Answering Service Care for twenty-nine years:

Reliability – In our industry, urgency is extremely important and in order for us to react in a timely manner we need to be notified of the situation quickly. The staff at the answering service always delivers our messages. They will keep calling until they speak with someone.

Detail oriented – Proper treatment begins with a proper diagnosis. A proper diagnosis depends on correct and detailed information. The answering service representatives are very thorough; they collect the information we requested, screen calls correctly and send us detailed messages.

Live Operators – “Having a live person answering our calls presented our company in a much better way and Answering Service Care has done a wonderful job representing our practice,” Mrs. Douglas shared. “They are reliable and more cost effective then hiring a receptionist to sit in our office 24/7”.

[quote style=”1″]I am very grateful for the hard work that the Answering Service Care staff does. It is obvious that you are a great group of people and that’s yet another reason that we stayed – Mrs. Douglas[/quote]

Answering Service Care offers answering services for a variety of industries. With nearly four decades of experience our people are more than qualified to take care of your patients! To learn more about our services contact one of our Business Development Consultants at 800.430.6511 and they will be happy to assist you!

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