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3 Ways a Virtual Receptionist For Funeral Homes Is Best

A funeral home is still a sacred space, where many people come with some pretty heavy burdens to lay down for the last time.

Although your funeral home is a business, it’s a special kind of business that demands that every change is made with careful consideration. For example, when you contract with a funeral answering service, do you choose an auto-attendant or do you go with the live operator?

A Virtual Receptionist Increases the Dignity Factor

Although each of your clients will mourn their losses a little bit differently, deep down each and every one wants a bit of care and a lot of dignity while they deal with the complex emotions that come with losing someone close to them. You never get immune to the truly broken-hearted, but at the same time, you can’t afford to keep extra staff around just in case someone calls in needing an encouraging word.

Fortunately, Answering Service Care has an answer. Our virtual receptionist for funeral homes service can include an optional virtual receptionist team made up of real live humans who can be there to support your clients any time of the day or night. Your small team will be the only people answering your calls, so your bereaved families have a chance to get to know them, just like they would if they were in-house staff.

Answering Service
Funeral Home Answering Service

That’s just one reason to choose the virtual receptionist for funeral homes option, here are three more:

Live Answering Service

When a family member or close friend has passed, the whole world falls away. The easiest task becomes unspeakably impossible, even something as mundane as navigating a telephone auto-attendant.Some people struggle with these anyway, adding the stress of grief to it makes for a family that will be having a funeral with a more considerate funeral home. You may not be able to roll out the red carpet because of your budget, but you could at least walk with those potential clients and show them the path.

Pre-planners who aren’t necessarily grieving need service, too. What they need, though, can be pretty nebulous. They may not know how to get started with pre-planning or who to talk to at all.That leaves them guessing and hitting buttons on their phone, just hoping they’ll get a human, any human, to help them figure it all out. This is a bad way to start a relationship. Your funeral answering service can actually direct them to the right staffer, right away.

The costs associated with a modern funeral continue to climb and because of that, you probably know how a lot of families feel about the entire industry.You know that you care more about them than their cash, but like with anything, showing is more valuable than telling. Having a live person on the phones to reduce the friction between you and your clients can go a long way to foster goodwill in the community.

Why Answering Service Care?

When it comes to a virtual receptionist for funeral homes, some of the best options are the highest touch. At Answering Service Care, that means including a virtual receptionist in your package. Call us today and we’ll help you figure out what other options may be right for your funeral home. You can reach us at (800) 430.6511 or drop us an email today.

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