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Let an Answering Service for Funeral Homes Support Your Team

Funeral homes are busy places where there’s no second chance to get it right. That’s why every funeral planning detail has to be perfect, an answering service for funeral homes can really help you rely on your phones to bring a funeral together in the most efficient and compassionate manner.

You and your staff have enough to do between juggling multiple funerals, arranging viewings, helping new clients with final arrangements and discussing pre-planning with seniors looking to make their last hurrah a little easier for their families that you don’t need more work.

But the phone keeps ringing and someone has to do the answering. There’s no reason that someone has to be you when you have an answering service for funeral homes by your side.

Answering Service Care has decades of experience working with funeral homes like yours looking to better manage funerals and families. In fact, our answering service for funeral homes is a cost-effective way to delegate some of those daily disruptions that can lead to serious mistakes.

Instead of a constantly ringing telephone, you’ll have blessed silence made possible by services like:

Most people realize they need to make an appointment with a funeral home before they come by, so they’ll call well in advance to plan. Depending on the circumstances, this may be a lengthy phone call. You never want to rush someone who is grieving, but as a funeral director, you also don’t have the luxury of waiting long.Our operators, on the other hand, have all the time it takes to provide the gentle nudge your callers need to move forward with their planning while still feeling like someone’s listening.

Instead of leaving your calls to chance, you can narrow your team of operators to just a few and instead create a virtual reception team. Like a real reception team, your receptionists will be the only people handling your calls, so over time regular callers can get to know them and the receptionists can get to better know your business and its needs.It can be a great comfort to hear a familiar voice when a family member has just departed, even if it belongs to a receptionist at the funeral home.

Your funeral home isn’t actually open all day and all night, but your clients may still call whenever they feel the need. In fact, mourning can make it easy to lose track of time, which makes it all the more compassionate to provide a 24/7 operator or virtual receptionist just in case someone calls.

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A Compassionate Answering Service Is What You Need For Funeral Home

Let Answering Service Care show you how an answering service for funeral homes can improve your client experience from the first day. We’ll help you build a custom package that will provide you with exactly what your funeral home needs and nothing more, along with a free custom quote. We’re easy to reach at (800) 430-6511 or via email. Drop us a line today to get started.