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Hamden Connecticut Answering Service

As a family-owned business, Answering Service Care thoroughly understands the effects a superior telephone customer service can have on a service-oriented business in Hamden or New Haven , Connecticut. The peaceful and picturesque community of Hamden has 58,120 residents and sits in New Haven County, which has a total population of 824,008. Whether your business targets businesses or consumers, you need to have the best customer service you can possibly have to cater to the needs of your clients.

As a family-owned business with 35 years of experience, Answering Service Care amassed a tremendous amount of expertise helping a wide variety of businesses gain a competitive edge over their rivals by delivering Connecticut answering service solutions that have received global recognition.

Regardless of your type of business, whether you have a new enterprise or seasoned business, we can help you build your customer base from scratch or service and expand an existing customer base. Answering Service Care works with medical professionals, consulting firms, construction companies, and real estate firms. Law firms, financial services, sales professionals, and independent contractors can also benefit from the telephone answering services.

Often referred to as “The Land of the Sleeping Giant,” the first settlers arrived in Hamden in1638, but actually incorporated in 1786 with a population of 1400. In 2008, both Fortune Magazine and CNN Money named Hamden as one of the top 100 place to live. The community has mountainous terrain, hiking trails and magnificent parks. It offers diversity and a wide variety of educational, cultural, and recreational resources.

Hamden business base centers around retail trade, technological products, manufacturing and construction. Business services also play a significant role in the community’s economic base. Lawyers, doctors, real estate, and other professionals understand the importance for clients and patients to have confidence that they can call and speak to a live person in their time of need. Construction and other trade-related businesses must have a reliable method of customer contact for service request and cancellations. Answering Service Care mission revolves around providing you with effective and reliable service created especially for you.

Many businesses in Hamden need Answering Service Care live operators to help their companies project a professional image. They understand that inbound calls can make or break a business in terms of public perception. If a potential customer calls your business, and the call has to wait in a queue or go to voice mail, you may lose the customer. In fact, studies show that 70 percent of the clients who call a business and receive a voice mail will move on to your rival.

Answering Service Care can provide your Hamden business with a superior level of telephone customer service 24/7 365 days a year. Our services are extremely affordable and flexible. Contact Answering Service Care for the most effective and professional services in the industry.