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Kevin Strong

I’ve been with Answering Care for a while, and I am very impressed with the level of service, professionalism, and seaming-less transfer of client calls.

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Georgette R

There is not problems on our end you all do a great job. Thank you for all your assistance. Georgette R

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This has greatly exceed my expectations today. Thank you. I may want to up my minutes as we go forward but this was great because

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Frank W

Lisa (Client Care Specialist), thank you for looking into the call history. As I mentioned, I am pleased with the service and the feedback I

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Sunshine Healthcare

You are doing an amazing job. The office would like to thank you for your attention to details and the quality service. Sunshine Healthcare

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Derrick C

Just wanted to thank you for your services. You guys were awesome and I had a lot of praises from my customers. Derrick C

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Chris Flynn MD

Just wanted to tell you that the new webpage looks great. I have been very very happy with your service since I signed up with

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Don Marton

As an owner of a national residential real estate franchise I wanted to thank you for creating, implementing and executing such a wonderful service. The

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Kevin G

Your company does an excellent job with our answering service. The messages are in my inbox first thing in the am so I can make

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