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Why Should You Pay Attention To Your Call Script?

No matter what kind of business you run or what size, you need to have a phone-answering strategy that is friendly, professional, helpful and efficient – all at once.

Some answering services (such as ours) will work closely with clients to develop and customize a phone answering script that does all of the above, and more. The goal is to create a connection with the caller immediately while being able to quickly and effectively respond to their questions and/or meet their other needs in the span of a short call.

What makes a good answering service script?

Here are some of the call script characteristics we look for and encourage across the board:

  • The verbiage sounds natural and conversational when read aloud.
  • The words help create a connection right from the start.
  • Less is best (and too much is too much).
  • The message being read and conveyed matches the message you as the client are aiming for.
  • Your approach is one we have seen work well in your industry or in a similar business.
  • The questions asked and answers sought can be supported and handled by the answering service technology and system already in place.
  • You as the client are able to get all of the information you need from the questions posed and the answered provided. Conversely, your callers are able to hang up having been given relevant and needed answers and information. 
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Looking for more information on what works in a call script?

Just ask us! We love working closely with our clients and giving them the inside scoop on scripting dos, don’t and so much more. No matter which answering service you work with, make sure you join forces with one that has familiarity with your industry and with your type of business. You’ll benefit greatly from their experience, and your callers will notice the difference!
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