Verizon Call Forward Busy

This technique forwards the first incoming call to the answering service once your line is busy. You no longer have to worry about using the phone when you are expecting an important call. Call forward busy sends the first incoming call to the answering service once your line is being used.


1. Dial 800.837.4966 to speak with a customer service representative

2. Verify your ten digit  telephone number and press 0 to speak with a representative

3. Tell the representative that you would like to activate Call Forward Busy on your Verizon land line

4. Provide the representative with the call forwarding number assigned to you by the answering service

5. Please note that Verizon offers the ‘four ring option’; if your call is not answered in four rings (whether your line is busy or not) the call will be redirected


1. From your landline dial *90 followed by the ten digit call forwarding number provided by your answering service and then the # key


Call forward busy only needs to be activated once. Once activated the answering service will always work in the background; there when you need us, there when you don’t! It will provide a peace of mind, just knowing that while you are talking to a customer if another should call; someone would your back!

Saves Money

Answering services typically includes an allowance of usage. Each time you manually dial us to connect to our network, it is deducted from your monthly allowance. By subscribing to Call Forward Busy this allowance can be used where it truly matters; interacting with your callers.

You Will Never Miss A Call

Each customer is important, so it is crucial that you never miss an opportunity to speak with that customer. Having the answering service on ‘auto-pilot’ means that at any given time there is someone waiting to answer those calls that you will not be able to.

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