Comcast Xfinity Call Forward No Answer

This method will forward an incoming call to the Answering Service if you are unable to answer it. Forget about racing to answer the phone! Call forward No Answer transfers an incoming call to the Answering Service after a specific number of rings.


1. Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone

2. Dial *92 and wait to hear the dial tone again

3. Enter the call forwarding number provided to you by your answering service

4. Listen for a confirmation tone, this will indicate that the feature has been successfully activated

Example: *92800.666.7777


1. Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone

2. Press *93

3. You will hear a confirmation tone indicating that the feature has been deactivated


Call Forward No Answer only needs to be activated once. When activated the answering service will always work in the background; there when you need us, there when you don’t! It provides a peace of mind knowing that if  you are away from your phone someone has your back!

Saves Money

Answering services typically include an allowance of usage. Each time you manually dial us to connect to our network, it is deducted from your monthly allowance. By subscribing to Call Forward No Answer this allowance can be used where it truly matters; interacting with your callers.

You Will Never Miss A Call

Each customer is important, so it is crucial that you never miss an opportunity to speak with that customer. Having the answering service on ‘auto-pilot’ means that at any given time there is someone waiting to answer those calls that you will not be able to.

Disaster Recovery

When disasters happen it is too late to react. Over the last seventy five years we have provided seamless customer service during difficult times. Typically in the aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes or even fires you will not be able to forward your lines to us, if it has not already been done. Having your telephone preprogrammed with Call Forward No Answer gives you one less task to tackle if a disaster should unexpectedly happen.

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