AT&T Wireless Unconditional Call Forwarding

This method automatically forwards incoming calls to a different number. This is the traditional method used to redirect ‘non-office hours’ calls. At your discretion you may manually transfer your lines to us.


1. Dial 72#.
2. Listen for dial tone.
3. Enter your call forwarding number (provided by the answering service) then the # key.
4. Your line will ‘beep’ twice and then begin to ring.
5. Once your call is answered, your line will be forwarded.

Example: *72800.666.7777#


1. Dial 73#. Two tones will indicate that Call Forwarding is cancelled


This method gives you full control on when you want to use the answering service. You are able to connect (and disconnect) at your discretion.

You Will Never Miss A Call

Each customer is important, so it is crucial that you never miss an opportunity to speak with that customer. Having the answering service on ‘auto-pilot’ means that at any given time there is someone waiting to answer those calls that you will not be able to.

More Call Forwarding Options