Answering Service Tips: Call Forwarding Is A Valuable Tool For Your Business

Call Forwarding to the Answering Service

Whether you are evaluating professional answering services or already working with one, it is important to know how to best use call forwarding for maximum efficiency and savings.

When it comes to tools that a professional answering service offers to its clients, call forwarding is right up there as one of the most important (see another recent post on call forwarding here). Being able to forward your calls means that someone – in the best cases, a live, U.S.-based answering service operator – is there to answer calls from your customers and prospects 24/7. Not missing calls means your business is accessible and open for business whenever someone needs you. In the fast-paced, always-on world of business, the importance of this can’t be overstated.

How Is Call Forwarding Used By Answering Service Clients?

Some clients activate call forwarding only when their offices are closed. In many of these cases, they turn it on when everyone goes home for the evening and then turn it off when everyone comes back in the morning.

This approach to call forwarding management may work well…until it doesn’t. Sometimes, a client may forget to turn call forwarding off at the start of business. Or, just as easily, they may forget to activate it at closing time. Meanwhile, even if they are stopping and starting it without fail, they are more likely than not using paid answering service minutes that would be better used for outside callers (who are usually customers or prospective customers) than for internal admin activities such as stopping and starting call forwarding on a daily basis.

Even For The Business Owners Who Always Want To Answer Their Own Calls?

Sometimes, it can be hard to give up “control” over your phones to an outside service. After all, when you or someone on your internal team is servicing the calls, it seems like you always know what is going on and when. When you use an outside professional answering service, it may feel like you will lose a little part of that control and give it over to your new virtual receptionist team.

The truth is that the reality is actually the opposite – when you hire an outside professional answering service (and you hire the best one for your company), chances are you will come to view this outsourced phone operator team not as a random outside service, but as a valued and valuable member of your core team. Your callers will be wowed by the professionalism, efficiency and personal touch they experience when they connect with your answering service team on the phone. And as you already know, customers who are “wowed” are happy customers.

Evaluating Different Answering Service Options – Including Call Forwarding

When looking at different services, be sure to ask not only about call forwarding, but about the different types of call forwarding available. Top answering services will learn more about your business and your needs, specifically as they relate to your call type and volume, and will tell you which tools (and which types of call forwarding) would work best for you.

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