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Do you often reach the end of your workday feeling like you weren’t able to get to everything on your list? You begin with a plan, a list, a goal… but by the day’s end, your to-do list still seems overwhelmingly long.

Many accounting and finance professionals can likely relate to this, especially if it’s during tax season. To remain productive during their busiest times, many partner with live call answering services. An accounting answering service eliminates distractions while still providing your callers with immediate and professional customer service.

Below we will answer and discuss the following questions to give you an understanding of how accountants, CPAs, bankers, wealth advisors, and other finance professionals can benefit from partnering with a call answering service.

  • What do accounting answering services do?
  • Do I need an answering service for my finance or accounting business?
  • How do answering services benefit accountants, CPAs, and other finance professionals?

What do accounting answering services do?

The professional live agents of an accounting answering service can perform many of the same tasks that you would expect a traditional receptionist to carry out. These tasks generally include greeting clients over the phone in a professional and friendly manner, taking messages and providing answers to a basic set of questions.

Your live agent will also be able to schedule appointments, transfer phone calls and follow up with clients on your behalf. At Answering Service Care, we also have the capability to communicate with your customers through text message. Communicating through text message can be an ideal way to interact with your younger clients in a method that they tend to be more comfortable with.

Do I need an answering service for my finance or accounting business?

Partnering with an accounting or finance answering service can be an affordable and convenient way to manage your workflow throughout the year. Having live agents at the ready means that your clients will not get sent straight to voicemail or listen to a busy tone when they try to call you. Instead, they will be able to confirm an appointment, ask questions or take care of other tasks in a timely and convenient manner. The best part is that your clients won’t know if they are talking to a live agent as opposed to someone in your office building.

Therefore, you may be able to save money on in-house receptionists or administrative assistants while still providing quality service to your paying customers. Ensuring that someone is always around to answer the phone also means that you don’t miss a chance to interact with individuals who may eventually convert into paying customers.

Another huge advantage that an answering service has over in-house employees is the ability to ramp up coverage and then cut back as needed. For some accountants, coverage may only be needed during tax season. An answering service can jump in whenever it’s needed, and then step away when it’s not.

How do answering services benefit accountants, CPAs, and other finance professionals?

The biggest benefit to having a call answering service is that you can spend more time focusing on your customers. Instead of answering phone calls during a client meeting, you can spend the entirety of your day filing their tax returns, tackling complex accounting issues, or taking care of other important tasks.

Partnering with a 24/7 accounting answering service can also help you be available to customers who contact you outside of normal business hours. This may allow you to expand your business across the country without worrying about being available to people living in multiple time zones. It may also help to ensure that you can be there for your clients if an emergency arises on a Saturday or during a holiday.

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