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Fresno California Answering Service

Founded in 1872, the city of Fresno, California is situated in central California’s San Joaquin Valley and has a population in excess of 500,000 (as of February, 2009). It is located roughly 200 miles to the north of the city of Los Angeles and about 170 miles to the south of California’s capital city Sacramento. It is now part of the Clovis-Fresno metropolitan area and has over 1 million residents now in the combined area. The word “Fresno” is actually the Spanish word for ash tree.

Serving as central California’s major transportation hub, the city of Fresno, California is enjoying a decent economy despite the national economic picture. The economy of Fresno County’s surrounding rural cities and other unincorporated areas is strongly driven by the large scale production of agriculture. With its half a million plus residents, Fresno is California’s 5th largest city as well as being the largest of all the state’s inland cities.

Employing our live answering service in Fresno provides you with an excellent business tool. Whether you are an attorney, medical professional, or in the service industry, you cannot place a value on having a California answering service, especially when you are out of the office throughout the workday. Customers will not tolerate unanswered phone calls when they need questions answered or have customer service issues.

With a live answering service, a live receptionist generates more sales leads by answering questions and provides your customers with the service levels they require. Their needs and queries are met more rapidly and your company’s image of a prompt service is enhanced when you use our live answering service in Fresno. It could also have a positive impact on your company’s sales.

There are several advantages to using our Fresno live answering service besides facilitating your company’s business demands. We service a large portion of the 559 area code including the city of Pinedale. The key advantages and benefits of our live answering service include the following:

  • Conferencing, fax, and VoIP capabilities
  • Web Enabled Appointment scheduling
  • We provide both toll free 800 and local phone numbers
  • Customized greetings in multiple languages
  • Menu Tree Options our auto attendant system
  • Message forwarding and retrieval services
  • Call center and virtual office
  • 24/7/365 customer service capabilities
  • Sales lead generation
  • Call recording and routing services

As a business owner, you know that the last thing that a client or customer wants to hear is the phone going unanswered when they are calling you with a customer service issue or has questions regarding one of your services. Leaving a message on an answering machine or in a voice mail system versus talking to a live receptionist creates a lot of aggravation and frustration for your customers. Additionally, it deters them from doing any further business with you, so you sales can suffer in the long run.

The following is a list of reasons for using our live answering service in Fresno and promoting your company image in the process:

  • Toll-free telephone numbers
  • “Live” customer support coverage 24/7/365
  • Non-English speaking customers handled by multi-lingual receptionists
  • Above average message delivery and retrieval capabilities
  • No automation used means no customer grief
  • Disaster Recovery – Who can answer when you have an emergency?
  • Your business image improves and your customers are satisfied

We provide your business an answering service that is simple and effective to use and is completely customized for the local Fresno community. Our live telephone answering service provides for toll free numbers, local numbers, phone order taking and call forwarding services with additional advanced communication equipment to keep your business connected 24×7. With skilled manpower, our answering service can cut down your own business responsibilities as our live personnel can take orders by phone and schedule appointments.

For more information on our services, please contact us to serve your business better.