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Behind The Scenes: Integration & Your Answering Service

Answering Service Integration
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We talk a lot around here about “integration.” And when it comes to your answering service, this is an important topic.

But what exactly do we mean when we talk about “integration?”

Everything is connected…or at least it should be 

No matter what your role in the company, chances are you deal with some aspect of technology—from phones to computers to the network to your messages.

Many times, your internal system may not “play nicely” with other tools or outside systems or services that you are using. For instance, when your small business or medical practice receives your messages or a message report from your live answering service, you may need to have someone manually enter all of the data and message-related information. Over time, this data entry requirement can add up to a significant time- and resource-heavy activity, often taking away from more valuable aspects of your operation.

But what if your system was integrated with your answering service’s system?

At Answering Service Care, we started taking a look at how we could increase efficiency and add simplicity to our clients’ lives when more and more of them started asking us about how we could integrate our systems with theirs.

At first, it looked as if this kind of integration could be difficult given that many of our clients’ systems operated behind firewalls and we were working with a legacy system. But as time went on, we have been able—with the enormous efforts and support of our developer team—to create tools and enable pathways that make our clients’ business processes—and their lives—easier!

Integration means greater efficiency and simplicity…and more:

  • What kinds of clients benefit most from integration with their answering service? A wide range of answering service clients benefit from this kind of integration, including insurance companies, medical and healthcare practices, tech support and any company that uses a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system, such as our web to lead tool using Salesforce).
  • How secure is this kind of integration? Medical and healthcare practices and companies in particular love working with our integrated system, as it is secure, HIPAA-compliant and tokenized.
  • Can integration help with appointment scheduling? Glad you asked! Yes, the answering service integration extends to Acuity, the tool at the backbone of our appointment setting capabilities, which further benefit an appointment-based/scheduling-heavy operation. What does this mean for an answering service client? If you prefer Google Calendar, our agents’ interface blends right into yours…a win-win for everyone!

We love to talk more about Answering Service Integration—learn more here!

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