Appointment Setting For Medical Offices Of All Sizes

Having a dedicated appointment setting service for medical offices frees up medical professionals to focus on patient care and gives patience the privacy they need to ensure their medical conditions are kept confidential.

Medical offices everywhere, of all sizes, can benefit from an appointment setting service. When patients are encouraged to set their appointments in private, at their leisure, they can easily choose times that work best for them from the comfort of their own homes. Dedicated appointment setting services for medical offices are an amazing way to improve HIPAA-compliance for small offices that might not have space enough to truly separate appointment setting areas from public areas like waiting rooms.

Answering Service Care is a HIPAA-compliant answering service that offers an appointment setting service for medical offices. Our operators are thoroughly trained in HIPAA-regulations and our facilities and systems are secured to ensure that you’ll never be exposed to risk of a violation.

It’s simply not worth violating HIPAA to save a few dollars, but having a dedicated appointment setting team can funnel most of your patient appointments out of earshot of the public.

Appointment Setting Services for Medical Offices

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Your patients will also love the benefits of an appointment setting service, which include:

It’s not always convenient to make appointments during office hours, but an appointment setting service for medical offices solves that problem by opening up appointment setting to any time, day or night.Giving your patients the time to think about the best time to make an appointment can help reduce the number of cancellations and missed appointments, too. Appointment setting services help you and your patients, since fewer cancellations mean less scrambling for an opening that will work and more time spent on patient care.

Medical offices aren’t always the most private places. For patients that are very worried about the security of their medical conditions, setting an appointment in the office can be nerve-wracking. These patients can be assured that their medical history and appointment schedule will be kept between their answering service operator and themselves, without any public eavesdropping from the lobby when a telephone appointment setting service handles the job.

Your staff do their best to focus on the patient standing in front of them, but medical offices are busy places with lots of things happening all the time. Your appointment setting service, on the other hand, has nothing but the patient to focus on, which means that any questions or concerns that your patient might have can be addressed completely, without worry of interruption. The individual attention that an appointment setting service can provide simply can’t be matched by your in-house staff.

Appointment setting services for medical offices can mean a significant improvement in patient care!

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