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Answering Services Service Spotlight: IVR

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Giving your customers the service they deserve can be challenging when calls are coming in constantly and your operator or receptionist is inundated. In the answering service world, we’ve found a way to solve that problem, it’s a clever automated system known as Interactive Voice Response or IVR.

You probably already know that your answering service can help improve your customer service, expand your availability and make it easier for your customers to reach the right person, right away. Although voicemail mazes are seriously off-putting for callers, IVR helps your callers find exactly what they need without the added frustration of a traditional computerized answering service.

Flexibility and Affordability With IVR

IVR is the perfect solution for businesses that receive similar inquiries throughout the day. For example, a real estate company that does property management might have callers constantly calling to ask about rental rates. The company might choose to automate that information, allowing their customers to access it quickly and without having to engage a live operator.

Of course, customers always have the option to reach the answering service if they have a specific question, but for common inquiries, putting that information into IVR makes sense. Whether it’s store hours, new product announcements or information about your website and social media efforts, some customers prefer to get the information they’re seeking without needlessly engaging an operator. IVR is ideal for these callers.

It’s also great for callers who know exactly who they need to reach and prefer to get sent directly to that extension. Whether that employee is in your office or located somewhere outside of your system, our powerful IVR can find them right away. If the caller chooses to leave a message with IVR, you can choose to receive it via voice message, email, text, fax or as a callback number.

Other Powerful Options with an IVR

IVR isn’t just about inbound customer service. Having this option on your account allows for automated outbound calls for tedious regular tasks like appointment setting or bill collecting. Instead of wasting manpower on these items, the system can send out reminders on its own, saving you both time and money.

You can also run surveys using IVR. You may have never considered surveying your customers before, but there’s no time like today to start. Surveying customers gives you a way to open a dialogue about problems they experience with your business or products and may bring all new insights about your business from their perspective.

IVR isn’t for all businesses, but it can be a powerful tool for companies with multiple departments, or that want to harness the ability to share information about their company or products in a non-threatening way. IVR isn’t an old fashioned computerized voice maze, it’s something much more intuitive and flexible that your customers will love because it engages them fully. Feel free to ask us more about this incredible software and find out just how much it can do for your business.

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