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Answering Service Spotlight: Follow Me

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Your office is a busy place, but you’re frequently called away on service calls, in meetings, sales meetings or other business-related obligations.

Sure, your callers can leave a message on your voicemail, but what do you do if what they need is urgent and simply can’t wait for you to return? That’s where Follow Me, a service offered through reputable answering services like Answering Service Care, can help.

What Follow Me Does

When your phone rings in your office, you know your customers are trying to reach you. But if you don’t hear it ring or you’re away on other business, you may not know for hours or even days on certain summer weekends. As those urgent voicemails pile up, you risk losing customers and damaging your reputation.

Follow Me ensures that you never have to worry about missing those important calls again. By adding Follow Me to your existing telephone answering service, you give your customers the ability to reach you no matter where you are. When they call your business number, your cell phone can ring instead so you can answer right away. If you can’t pick up the call, Follow Me even allows you to designate a secondary contact who can handle the caller immediately.

Sequential Calling At the Speed of Business

Follow Me is often configured using sequential calling — this means that your phones don’t ring all at once, annoying everyone around you, at home and in your office. Instead, you designate preferred phone numbers in the order in which you’d like them to be called.

For example, if an after-hours caller is trying to reach you using your business number, the Follow Me tool will first ring a primary number, such as your office. If no one picks up, it will dial your secondary number and so forth. When it runs out of phone numbers to dial, it connects your customer to the answering service instead of dumping them into voicemail.

If you leave detailed instructions about common customer inquiries with your answering service, they can handle the call from there. If not, they’ll take a message and forward the details to your cell phone, email or fax machine, at your direction. Instead of forcing the caller to jump through hoops to reach a knowledgeable person, Follow Me gives them a one-call solution.

Simultaneous Calls Get Fast Answers

For businesses with more than one capable person or multiple locations, Follow Me can be used to ring phones across the entire operation all at once. This configuration ensures faster service for your caller, since all the qualified people in your operation are contacted at the same time. If no one picks up, the call is forwarded to your telephone answering service for further handling just like with sequential calling.

Follow Me is an essential phone tool for anyone constantly on the go. For lawyers and plumbers, doctors and distributors – and so many more – being just a phone call away makes a world of difference to your callers and potential customers.


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