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Answering Service Q&A With…. Keyaria Samuels

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This month we sat down with Keyaria Samuels, Administrative Specialist since 2011 and with the Answering Service Care team since 2009.

What is your role with the company?

I started with Answering Service Care in 2009. I was an agent with the answering service, I helped out in Fulfillment, I was promoted to Trainer and then I went on to help and support the Managers. I assisted with answering phones, coordinating client inquiries, helped with responses and more. I also started recording attendance for all of our agents, including those in our Margate, Florida, headquarters, as well as remote agents and agents at our Seattle-area location.

Now, I handle all of the paperwork for the department – from the moment an agent is hired to the moment they are no longer with us, their paperwork is with me and coordinated by me. I make sure everything is where it should be. I work under the managers’ direction, I make sure managers are following up on client concerns and I perform research for managers to assist them in their responses. I coordinate that kind of communication between managers and clients, and I do whatever the managers need me to do.

What is it like to work with this company?

We work as a team and support one another, and we all know that everyone is working toward the same thing – this makes doing this job and having relationships with my co-workers inside and outside of work so much smoother and easier.

I have formed some great bonds here. The people in this company are really “people people.” The managers are respectful of all opinions, they are open to all viewpoints and feedback. We are not seen as just numbers or employees, and that makes everything so much easier and makes you more willing to get the job done. Personally, I always like to keep doing more, expanding my skills and contributing as much as possible to the environment I am in.

I have a lot to offer to the bigger picture and I welcome the opportunities I have been given here. It’s such a supportive environment. I am so grateful for the work and responsibilities that have been given to me. 

Have you learned any important lessons while working here in this job?

I am a better team player now. I have definitely learned how to work better with people. I have learned how to value other people’s opinions and viewpoints. Working here, I have really gained trust of others and trust them myself.

I think my listening skills have also improved. I react to stressful or tough situations better. I have learned to digest, understand and then respond – I am less reactive now.

I have become a better person in and out of work, and I have really grown.

What kinds of things do you like to do outside of work?

I take part in a lot of charity walks. Every year I walk for AIDS and HIV, and also diabetes.

I am also in school to get my second degree in business. My first one was in mathematics education.

I live very close to the beach but I don’t go very often. I have lived on the beach all my life, so it’s not a big deal.

On the weekends, I am always doing something. I like rollerskating and bowling. I also love to do my hair and I change my weave a lot – I like to keep it fresh!


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