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Answering Service Insider: What is a Remote Agent?

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As one of the premier answering services in the U.S. (did we also mention award-winning?) we get this question a lot: What is a Remote Agent?

When it comes to answering services, a remote agent is one who works offsite – usually from home – answering calls, fielding questions, making appointments and servicing your callers 24/7/365.

Remote agents treat your callers professionally – and warmly, too. Let’s face it: When someone calls your office or company with a question or issue, he or she is looking for someone to help with that question or issue. They aren’t too concerned whether the person answering their call works from home or from an office, they are most concerned about being helped and served.

What can remote agents actually do for your callers? Well, everything on-site operators can do, including:

  • Answering calls 24/7/365 (yes, this includes nights, weekends and holidays)
  • Make, change and cancel appointments
  • Answer general questions about services, pricing, hours and/or location
  • Relay messages to you and your team, via text, email, phone and/or another pre-arranged means
  • Forward and patch through calls
  • Provide support with telephone conferencing
  • And more!

Well-trained remote agents serve you and your callers. Our experienced answering service agents – both those who are remote and those who work onsite at one of our locations – receive a very high level of training. By nature, most operator agents who choose to work from home are highly productive and self-motivated, all of which translates to great customer service every time the phone rings. 

Consistent. Efficient. Professional. When it comes to the best answering services, it’s important to note that remote agents, just like their on-site counterparts, are consistent in how they present themselves to callers. Professionalism, efficiency and the human touch are all traits that are non-negotiable when it comes to the remote agents who work on our team, and thus represent you and your team.


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