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Answering Service For Divorce Attorneys

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Divorce attorneys are often in the position of having to mediate disputes between spouses while handling all the legalities, as well.

Wearing these different legal hats is one thing, but when you’re also handling your own calls or have a limited staff to help out, it can be much too much for one person to manage. Good help can be hard to find, though, and really isn’t in the budget. What’s a lawyer without the right answering service to do?

The Answer is a Legal Answering Service

A legal answering service can be the right solution for many divorce attorneys, especially if they’re handling confidential information that shouldn’t be left on an answering machine or in voicemail.

An answering service can be surprisingly affordable, since they only charge for the calls they answer, and flexible, providing you with the exact level of service you need.

Here are just a few important features of many good answering services:

  • Overflow and after-hours call answering. The basic job of any answering service is to pick up the phone when you can’t, but not all legal answering services are the same. For example, your particular clientele may be better served with 24 hour answering, so they can speak to a person any time of the day.Other attorneys may find that overflow answering is a great solution for those times when the in-house operators are overwhelmed or they need to be in court instead of answering the phone.
  • Message relay. Relaying an important message in a timely manner is vital to the proper functioning of an answering service. This is why a great answering service will initially ask for your help differentiating between messages that are truly emergencies and those that can wait until you get back to the office.Those things you need to know right away can be sent to you via email or SMS so you don’t show up in the wrong place when a hearing has been moved or postponed. Other messages can be collected onto a call log that’s faxed or emailed so you can prioritize your call backs later.
  • Appointment setting. You have a lot on your mind already, setting your own appointments is one task that you can unload onto staff or a dedicated answering service team. Dedicated appointment setters ensure that your in-house staff are able to focus on their own tasks and that your clients are able to make, cancel or change appointments as their situations change. Professional appointment setters use software that integrates with your own, so if you do make an appointment for a client in the office, it’ll appear on the same calendar so no one is forgotten.

Even if your office is small, a legal answering service can make you look like another big player in the legal world. By allowing your clients to speak to professional telephone operators, you can free up time to better help those people who are already in your office. These services are just the tip of the iceberg, though. Contact your favorite answering service for more information on additional offerings like disaster recovery, virtual office help and even bilingual answering services!

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