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When you’re running an accounting service, it’s important that your books balance just like those of your clients. Hiring an accounting answering service can provide a simple way to keep your overhead costs low and your profit margin healthier.

Running an accounting firm can be difficult, especially when it comes to managing people who may have significant down time while they wait to answer the phone. It’s certainly no one’s fault, but uneven call flow means that you’re left paying for employees who are often doing nothing, resulting in a massive drain on your business. An answering service can be a cost-cutting tool that can service your callers just as efficiently for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Our answering service team works closely with businesses in a variety of industries, including:

  • Banking
  • Lending
  • Investment Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Captial

Leading The Way In Accounting Answering Services

Answering Service Care understands that accounting firms need to laser focus on the benefits behind each expense. There’s no doubt that an answering service can be a far more affordable option for accountants, no matter how many jobs you have that need to be filled.

Personalized Greeting

Ensure that your callers get a good first impression of your company.

Message Relay

Conveniently access your messages from a computer or mobile device.

Call Recording

Retrieve the verbatim contents of any conversation.

Fax To Email

Our Fax to Email service ensures that you receive all of your faxes.

We can provide a range of services that can replace in-house staff, like:

Many accounting firms don’t have a need for a lobby or a receptionist. If your office is in this situation, an answering service for accountants can act as your telephone operator and receptionist at the same time. Having a service that answers calls and sends you the messages immediately gives you the option to return calls at your leisure or right away, depending on the nature of the message.You can choose to have your answering service take all your calls or set your phone to ring a set number of times before the service takes over. If you choose to use our service for call routing, a friendly operator will pick up every call that comes through your main number, then help the caller connect with the person they need to reach.

Appointment setting is vital to the health of your business, but if you’re always having to stop what you’re doing to answer the phone it can also destroy your concentration. Instead of hopping up to get the phone, or worse, letting callers go to your voicemail, you can put your accounting answering service to work setting appointments for you, based on a calendar you define.  Maintaining your concentration, whether you’re introducing yourself to a new client or reconciling accounts, means fewer mistakes and far more efficient handling in any situation.

You know better than most that every business needs a disaster plan in place. Instead of relying on a company you’ve only spoken to once, you should ask your answering service about disaster recovery. They’ll help you create a plan that will keep your clients up to date about your recovery process and give you a way to keep in touch, even if the phones are down or the lights are out.The best answering services have redundancy built into their systems so that they can keep you running even if they’re experiencing their own disasters. 

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An answering service partnership with Answering Service Care will let us create a package tailored to your needs, without any extra fees or options you won’t use. Call us today at (800) 430-6511 or email us to get started on your custom quote.
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