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24/7 Call Answering Service Quality Control

At Answering Service Care, quality is about so much more than just a word or an idea. Quality is the cornerstone of every phone call, every interaction, every message, and every business we are proud to call our client.

It isn’t enough to just answer the phone. It’s important to us – and to our clients – that every call be handled with the utmost of professionalism, responsiveness, and friendliness. We aim to treat each of your callers as if their call is the most important we’ve handled. That’s why we take so much time and put so much attention into the quality of the answering services we are providing.

We are constantly monitoring, checking, reviewing, and improving.

We have the ability to plug into our agents’ calls and screens randomly, at any time of day and night, to ensure that every interaction with your callers is the best it can be. In addition, we use recorded phone calls to evaluate our agents for customer service, helpfulness, attention to the client-provided script, and much more. We rely heavily on these live, recorded, and real-world phone interactions to give our team the guidance and feedback it needs to be the very best in the industry.

It’s no coincidence our agents are known as the top answering service in the business. From our training to our quality control, our standards and expectations could not be any higher. That’s because we truly care – about every phone call, every caller, and every agent, too.

Professional Live Operators

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We Love Our Happy Clients!

Very nice answering service. The people are very professional and precise. I definitely recommend.
Donna C

Answering Service Care…..why did we not sign up sooner? We have now been with them for a few weeks and knowing that our patients are being taken care of (when we are not there to answer the phones)….just like we take care of them…is so nice. I had a brand new emergency patient’s daughter remark about our answering service….how they even remembered the next day about the pain her Mom had been in…and how is she feeling! I love these people…if they were near where we are…I’d bake them cookies and take them into them!

Heather Y

We used Answering Service Care to handle incoming calls both during business hours and after business hours for our small cleaning service. This company was very professional and offered competitive rates for the services they were providing. If you are looking for an answering service for your business, I would highly recommend considering Answering Service Care to service your needs.

Gary M

Great answering service. I 100% recommend them. A long time client called in and recognized how enthusiastic and professional we were on the phone since hiring answering service care.

Christopher T.