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Cutting Edge Answering Service Technology

Answering Service Care operates across three facilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our technology is second to none. Palettech, our proprietary CRM software, is patented, allowing us to load the client’s web site or URL at the same time the phone rings. This is one of the primary reasons our agents can access information so quickly and easily, making them knowledgeable and efficient. Palettech seamlessly integrates our answering service with your data.

Our 35 years of experience, hiring, and training ensures all calls are handled as specified by our clients. Our experience spans a wide variety of industries – we’re prepared to deal with overflow, staffing fluctuations, terminal emulation, and even fulfillment services. Our standard reposts, which cover just about everything you can imagine, are available in real time.

Software application development

Our patented Palettech™ CRM solution enables rapid development, scripting, high volume database access, and real-time reporting while decreasing set-up time and overall cost. Palettech’s patented “Web-Pop” technology detects the digits of the incoming call and automatically launches a specific web page. Web-Pop enables the outsourced agent to interact with the customer more quickly and fluidly, just as if they were in-house.

Because Palettech™ is a ready-made CRM solution, our clients do not need to invest in CRM systems that can cost thousands of dollars per workstation. Because of tight integration with the CTI functions of the Nortel™ switch, Palettech™ automatically passes information to the URL such as Agent ID, Caller ID/ANI, and CASS certified zip-4 addresses.

Cutting Edge Answering Service Technology

Technology for the most demanding programs

Cutting Edge Answering Service Technology

While the heart of our services is contact center experience, dedication, and a family team orientation, the “backbone” is both our partnered and proprietary technology solutions.

Answering Service Care is a Microsoft and Citrix Systems Certified business that supports all systems, including Ecometry, Sybase, Nortel, Foundry Networks, Cisco, EMC, Dell, Braxtel and Tascom. At every point of contact, Answering Service Care leverages these technologies to take in information in real time, make scripting changes, and report data and marketing intelligence.

Through partnering with world class technology companies, we’re uniquely qualified to develop proprietary technology that enhances customer service, creates new efficiencies, and helps build your business.


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