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Live Answering Services Powered By Happy, Helpful Professionals

We are an award-winning answering service that’s been family-owned and operated since all the way back in 1974. It’s no accident that we have the best staff retention rate in the business. Our team is what makes us special and our team is what keeps our clients – and their callers – happy and feeling that they are being well-attended-to 24/7/365.

When it comes to live telephone answering services, no one knows better than you just how important every single call is. The voice on the other end that speaks to your caller, customer, or patient is the voice that represents your company or practice, and the voice that makes all the difference between sales and no sales, happy callers and dissatisfied callers, efficiency and chaos.

Our Award Winning Team

Michael Shooster
Michael Shooster, CEO
Alizabeth Shooster
Alizabeth Shooster, President
Luis Bedoya
Luis Bedoya, COO
Joan Harrell
Joan Harrell, Director of Operations
Trisha Jeethan
Trisha Jeethan, Senior Operations Manager
Terrie Knight
Terrie Knight, Director of Quality Assurance
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Volker, Director of Business Development
Georgiana Muniz
Georgiana Muniz, Director of Marketing
Shawanna Walls
Shawanna Walls, People & Culture Manager
Jashua Jean-Louis, Project Manager
Jashua Jean-Louis, Project Manager

Put Simply, Our Answering Services Team Is The Best There Is

We may be biased, but we have heard this from outsiders as well, and we know it to be true because we work hard every day to make this a reality. Of course, our team goes beyond our fully U.S.-based answering service and live receptionist professionals. Our team also includes professionals and staff in Sales, Billing & Finance, Training, Human Resources, Marketing, Information Technology, Operations, and, of course our senior management led by the Shooster Family.

The owners of Answering Service Care

A Happy Employee Is A Helpful Employee.

Without exception, everyone who works for Answering Service Care or its sister companies falls in love with our positive, supportive, family-like atmosphere which, in turn, empowers them to do the very best they can do for your caller, customer, or patient. It’s a powerful cycle, and one that keeps our business thriving and growing as it has been for what is now our fifth decade.

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