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About Our Vice-president: Luis Bedoya

Luis Bedoya
Answering Service Care

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The words dedicated, caring, hard-working, passionate, dependable, goal-oriented, multi-talented, warm-hearted, trustworthy, motivated, respectful, fun, outstanding, innovative & solution-oriented are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when we think of Luis Bedoya. Luis’s work ethic is truly commendable, he is an exemplary co-worker and he is a role model for so many people. Luis is a star! In 2019 when Michael and I were presented with the opportunity to retire or continue the family legacy that had started in 1974, Luis made that decision much easier, in part, because of the confidence we have in Luis Bedoya running the Answering Service Care operation. 

Co-worker Wana stated to Luis, “You exemplify the true meaning of leadership! You have had a very lasting impact on my life.”

When Joan Harrell, Director of Operations, was asked about Luis she said, “Everyone loves Luis, because no matter how busy he is or how many hats he wears, he has time for everyone.”

Trisha Jeethan, Senior Operations Manager, said, “He is ASC’s Superman. He is always there to help, no matter the situation.” 

Manager, Jane Durthaler stated, “He is beyond an asset to our company and we are so very blessed to have him on our team. Luis is a very dear friend and a boss…”

Luis started working for the company back in 1996. He is our right hand and is a loyal, good friend. Luis oversees all aspects of the business and works tirelessly towards accomplishing all goals set. Not only has Luis been working for Answering Service Care for over 23 years, but he met his beautiful wife Nicole at the company when they were both teens. Luis & Nicole married in the year 2000, and together have three children; Jayden 19, Leyla 15, and Cristian 8. Luis is very proud of his family and he loves to talk about his son’s college plans, his daughter’s dancing, or his youngest son’s new moves in Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts). 

We recently learned that Luis enjoys spending some of his free time gardening in his yard, tending to his plants and flowers & that his favorite number is 157 which stems from a work-related story. You might want to ask him why. 

We were so excited when Luis decided he was ready to go on his all-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world with a guest. Luis was gifted this two-week trip by the company due to his milestone 20th anniversary with Answering Service Care. Luis traveled with his wife Nicole to Bora Bora which Nicole referred to as a “dream vacation”. Their journey was full of adventurous outings, relaxation and they had the opportunity to enjoy the exquisite beautiful surroundings.

We are honored and so fortunate to have Luis on our team! We look forward to many, many more years of working together! 

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