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6 Things To Look For With Your Virtual Receptionist Service

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Choosing a virtual receptionist service for your small- to medium-sized business can give your company a united front and a real professional polish, but it’s important that you pick the right service so that you and your callers get the most out of it.

We made a list of the top six things we think you should look for in a virtual receptionist service:

  1. An intimate team of operators for your company. Typically, a virtual receptionist service will assign more than one person to a company to ensure that you always have someone available to answer your phone.
  2. Fully customizable call handling. You don’t run a one-size-fits-all business, so you shouldn’t get a one-size-fits-all service. Your call handling should be as customizable as you need it to be, from special greetings for vendors to mentioning specific promotions when saying goodbye to customers. You may even have particular customers who get priority care and are always moved to the front of the line.
  3. Warm transfers. If a virtual receptionist intends to drop calls in your lap without introducing them to you, they’re short-changing both you and your caller. A good virtual receptionist will find out who is calling and the purpose of their call before passing this information along. Only once you’ve been thoroughly briefed should the call be transferred.
  4. Basic customer service. There will always be a lot of calls that come into your office that don’t really require you to answer personally. When customers call asking about business hours or basic fees, your virtual receptionist can handle those calls, leaving you free to handle other areas of the business.
  5. Appointment scheduling. Businesses that work off of appointments can use a virtual receptionist to handle low volume appointment scheduling. The software your virtual receptionist has available should be able to interface with what you’re already using, enabling you to see changes and updates the moment they happen.
  6. Temporary call instructions. When you have to be out of the office suddenly or take a sick day, you need to be able to give your virtual receptionist new instructions. Whether that’s to send all your messages to your email or to patch particular callers through to your home telephone, your virtual receptionist should be responsive to your needs, even when they change.

With a high quality virtual receptionist service partner as the face of your business, you may find that you not only have more time to focus on attracting new clients, but that your charming new helper does a much better job of retaining those leads than your old voicemail system. You’ll also realize a significant savings over an in-house receptionist since you don’t need to train, house or pay for a full-time team member. A virtual receptionist service is a total win-win.

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