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5 Businesses That Can Benefit from an Answering Service This Summer

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As summer approaches, we receive many calls from small business owners looking for extra phone coverage. Some are in their slow season and looking to have someone manage their phones while they take a vacation. Others are in their busy season and overwhelmed with the number of calls they are receiving. Whether your business cools off or heats up, a summer answering service has got you covered.

Why should I work with a summer answering service?

An answering service is typically a cheaper and simpler solution than hiring a seasonal in-house employee. There’s no need to house, train, or provide benefits to your virtual receptionists and you will only be charged for the calls that they take. It’s easy to ramp up during busy periods and scale back when you don’t need as much coverage.

Here are five businesses that can benefit from a summer answering service:

Landscaping and lawn maintenance companies

Landscapers work hard in the summer to keep their customers’ gardens and yards beautiful. When you’re busy operating a loud lawnmower or digging in the dirt, it’s not easy or productive to stop and answer incoming calls. A landscaping answering service frees up your hands (literally) and can manage your appointment book while providing callers with friendly, professional service.

HVAC service contractors

It seems as though air conditioners are always breaking down as soon as summer hits. With the rising temperatures comes an increase in calls for HVAC professionals. An HVAC answering service can help you keep up with this higher call volume while reducing your distractions. This allows you to service more customers, enjoy more time off, and grow your client roster.


With 80% of families taking a vacation in summer, it is a crucial time for hotels to impress prospects and guests. The hospitality industry is competitive, but exceptional customer service can help you stand out. Many guests form their first impression of a hotel when they make that first phone call to the front desk. Partnering with a live answering service ensures that the call will be answered quickly and that the caller will receive the highest level of service.

Colleges, universities, and schools

School might be out for summer, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t have questions about upcoming class offerings, financial aid, campus hours, and more. An education answering service enables schools to assist students and parents 24/7, even when the campus is closed. While your in-house receptionists take their summer vacation, our friendly live agents can greet callers and answer general questions, transfer calls, book appointments, and take messages.

Golf courses

People play a lot of golf in the summer months across the United States. Golf course employees wear enough hats already while managing the day-to-day operations. Wouldn’t it be nice to remove one task from the list? A golf course answering service takes phone management off your plate, giving you more time to focus on assisting the golfers right in front of you. Our live agents can schedule tee times, answer general questions, take messages, transfer calls, and more.

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