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4 Ways To Use Call Patching

Time to take a look at Call Patching
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When you have a small business, you’re always looking for ways to both improve your customer experience and present yourself in a better light.

One answering service offering, call patching, is a flexible tool that speaks to both problems at the same time. When customers call, no matter who they are, they’re greeted by a friendly voice instead of a computer, allowing for a variety of interactions and impressions to be formed.

Create a Better Caller Atmosphere with Call Patching

Creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere is the goal of anyone with a virtual receptionist, but it can be difficult if you’re chronically overwhelmed with work and overburdened by non-stop phone calls. You don’t want to miss certain callers, but you just can’t keep answering every time the telephone rings.

This is where call patching shines. It’s more than just transferring calls, here are a few ways to use it effectively:

  • Give certain calls priority. Whether you’re a lawyer waiting for an important call from a client or an eCommerce operation watching for a return call from a supplier, screening calls can give you a way to better manage your time and get more done. All you need to do is tell your answering service who to patch straight to your phone and who can go directly to voicemail to start prioritizing your callers.
  • Make your organization look bigger. Even if you’re just an army of one, it’s much easier to give the impression that you’re a serious organization with the help of a virtual receptionist who warmly introduces your callers to you when they patch them through. It’s a small expense that can have a big impact on how you’re viewed by other industry leaders.
  • Reroute emergency calls. You can’t be everywhere all the time, but your answering service can man the phones while you’re away. Just leave a clear definition of an emergency call with your operators and they’ll be able to patch any true emergencies to the correct number without having to disturb you. For example, if you’re a property manager and one of your real estate tenants is reporting a leak, they can be patched directly to your on-call maintenance person.
  • Increase your personal security, Some companies are much more prone to troublesome callers than others, but with a call patching option in your answering service package you can do more to defend yourself from harassment. By giving a list of people who shouldn’t be patched through to your virtual receptionist, these calls can be filtered directly to your voicemail.

Call patching is a tried-and-true method of increasing your caller touch without increasing your workload. By giving your virtual receptionist some specific directives, they can easily determine who to patch which caller to, reducing the frustration that a caller may feel trying to navigate a computerized phone tree.

Call patching can help you, too, by saving you time and eliminating problem callers before they even have a chance to say “hello.” Call patching is truly a win-win scenario.

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