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4 Ways a Text Messaging Answering Service Can Grow Your Business

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Giving your customers the ability to text with your business makes you a more convenient and personable choice over your competitors. Recent data for 2021 shows that 90% of consumers would like to communicate with businesses through text messages, and over 50% would prefer text messaging for customer support rather than phone calls.
For several years, simply offering text messaging capabilities was a unique way to help your company stand out. But as more businesses join in on the action, effectively managing your text message communications has become far more important. After all, you can only impress customers and boost your sales if you are responding to text messages quickly and professionally. In order to keep up with a large number of incoming text messages and provide exceptional customer service, businesses of all sizes and industries partner with text messaging answering services. Here are four ways that partnering with a text messaging answering service can lead to increased sales and revenue!

It helps you and your customers save time

More often than not, when a customer contacts your business they want something simple. They’re typically looking for a quick answer to a basic question, they wish to schedule an appointment, or they need to check the status of an order.
In these instances, a text conversation is typically much quicker than one over the phone. This frees up your phone lines for the customers who prefer to call, and it allows your business to service more customers per day. In turn, your customers will appreciate the quick, easy responses and the fact that you value their time.

It helps you be more productive

It is not easy to focus on the work in front of you when your phone is constantly receiving calls and texts. Working with a live answering service allows you to put away the phone and accomplish more during the workday. And if you’re also using our after-hours answering services, you can get more out of your time off.

More customers served and more messages seen

The details from a phone call may not be remembered, and emails are not always opened. Text messages, however, are estimated to have a 98% open and read rate. They are direct and noticeable, without being invasive. Ensuring that your company’s messages are seen results in fewer missed appointments, fewer miscommunications, and more happy customers.
Answering Service Care’s live receptionists are available 24/7, and they can monitor and respond to thousands of text messages per day. Increasing your business’ availability and responsiveness will result in happier, more informed customers who will in turn make more repeat purchases.

Impress Spanish-speaking customers with bilingual virtual receptionists

If customers are text messaging your business in Spanish, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reply without having to use Google Translate each time? One of the most valuable features that text messaging answering services offer is bilingual virtual receptionists. Bilingual receptionists can communicate with your Spanish-speaking customers more efficiently and make them feel valued and comfortable.

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