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4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Virtual Receptionist

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Virtual Receptionist Answering services have been used for decades by businesses of all types to increase productivity, improve customer service, and capture more opportunities. When choosing the type of answering service they would like to partner with, business owners have several options. Below we will explain exactly what a live receptionist answering service is, and some of the advantages they have over an automated answering service or call center.

What is a live receptionist answering service?

A live receptionist answering service is a company that provides trained virtual receptionists who manage incoming communications on behalf of another business. When you work with a live answering service, your business’ calls forward directly to a virtual receptionist who works remotely. In most cases, your callers won’t even know they aren’t talking to someone who is working in your office.

Virtual receptionists represent your company in a professional, compassionate manner and offer a variety of features:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Text and email response
  • Lead capture
  • Bilingual support
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Call transferring

Why does my business need a live receptionist answering service?

Here are four reasons to consider selecting a live receptionist answering service over an automated answering service or call center:

Live receptionists make the best first impressions

First impressions are important, and it only takes seven seconds for your business to make a good one. Those first seven seconds of a phone call can determine a missed business opportunity or a new client. With that said, would you rather that your callers be greeted by a monotonous robot, or a warm, friendly live agent?

A live receptionist shows customers that you value their time

If a caller is in a rush, they are not going to enjoy hearing “press ‘one’ for business hours, press ‘two” for office locations,” and so on. A live receptionist provides immediate, personalized assistance and customers will appreciate you for valuing their time.

Nobody likes getting sent to voicemail

With 80% of callers preferring to hang up rather than leave a message, letting calls go unanswered is one of the easiest ways to lose customers. Partnering with a live answering service means that more calls will be answered by a friendly virtual receptionist, and your customers will appreciate being assisted in a prompt, efficient manner.

While an automated answering service will prevent a caller from initially being sent to voicemail, they may eventually route them to an extension where nobody is available to assist them. A live receptionist may be able to fully assist the caller. If not, they are more likely to be able to transfer them to someone that they know is available to help the caller.

Only a live agent can provide compassionate service

Automated phone answering systems may be a good fit for some business types, but not those where compassion is required. Customers expect empathy, discretion, and professionalism from the following business types, and in many cases, a robot simply won’t do.

  • Medical practices
  • Funeral homes
  • Legal offices
  • Accounting and finance businesses
  • Real estate brokerages
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