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4 Benefits of an Answering Service for Insurance Claims Adjusters

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Insurance claims adjusters often work long hours, and they are no stranger to phone calls during non-business hours. In this super-competitive industry, policyholders and prospects can be extremely demanding. Many expect claims adjusters to be available to them regardless of when they call- even if it is late at night or on a weekend.

To provide great service without having to sacrifice sleep and quality time with their families, many claims adjusters partner with insurance answering services. Below we will discuss four ways that you can benefit simply by working with an answering service.

Be there for policyholders when they need you most

Accidents and disasters can happen at any time of day. When they do, it’s vital that you are there to provide support to the affected policyholders. Being there in their time of need is a great way to show customers that you care, but answering work calls around the clock will lead to burnout.

An insurance answering service enables you to be there for policyholders day and night, without having to cut into your time off. Our friendly live agents are available 24/7/365 to offer warm greetings and compassionate service via phone, text message, live web chat, and email. 

More leads captured

When you stop missing calls, you will be able to take advantage of all the business opportunities that come your way. In an industry as competitive as insurance, all that prospects must do is call around for a few minutes to get someone on the phone. Once they’re speaking with a representative from your competition, they are likely lost forever.

An insurance answering service enables claims adjusters to capture more leads and grow their business. When policyholders are ready to take action, our trained live agents will be available to greet them, make them feel comfortable and ask the right questions. Viable leads are sent to you immediately via the method of your choice. We can even integrate with your CRM and send the leads directly there!

Accomplish more during your workdays

How often does your phone ring when you’re out in the field investigating an incident, or on the line speaking with another customer? We understand that some incoming calls are important and can only be handled by you. However, a majority are from people who simply need to schedule an appointment or ask a general question.

The live agents from an insurance answering service can help with these tasks, freeing you up to accomplish more during your workdays. Just imagine how much more you could get done if you weren’t constantly interrupted by a ringing phone!

Take advantage of some much-needed time off

In addition to freeing you up during traditional business hours, an insurance answering service can help you to truly enjoy your time off. Accidents happen at all hours, but our live agents are available day, night, and on weekends and holidays to answer phone calls, emails, text messages, and web chats.

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