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4 Benefits of a Real Estate Answering Service in a Pandemic

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The pandemic has brought many surprises, including a booming residential real estate market. Home sales and prices dramatically increased in 2020, which is great news for many real estate professionals. As realtors seize the opportunity to grow their businesses, they are finding new ways to sell more homes while staying safe. To better serve the rush of prospective home buyers, many are partnering with real estate answering services. Below we will explain four ways that your real estate business can benefit from an answering service during and after the pandemic.

Take advantage of the hot real estate market

The real estate industry is doing very well in many parts of the country, with sales of previously owned homes hitting the highest rate since December 2006. About 40% of home buyers polled by said they are looking to buy a home sooner because of the pandemic, presenting realtors with a great opportunity to increase their sales.

There are only so many hours in the day, but a real estate answering service can help you accomplish more. While you focus on generating leads and assisting prospective homebuyers, your virtual receptionists can help with appointment setting, answering general questions, taking messages, and qualifying leads.

An answering service helps realtors keep up with more calls

Not only is the real estate market red hot, but more business is being done via phone. As people shelter at home, they are more likely to call a realtor than walk into an office.

If your phone is ringing faster than you can answer it, a real estate answering service can provide immediate assistance. Your calls will forward to a trained, U.S. based live agent who will provide friendly, professional service. If you need bilingual support, we can also help with that! Many of our bilingual virtual receptionists are fluent in both English and Spanish. 

Realtors are often in the middle of tasks where they can’t be interrupted

The internet was already transforming the way homes are bought, sold, and rented. The pandemic has only accelerated this digital shift. Today meetings, property showings, and even real estate closings are being conducted remotely using video conferencing platforms.

When you’re in the middle of giving a live virtual property tour, it’s not possible to pause to answer another call. If your time spent video conferencing is causing a lot of calls to go unanswered, your real estate answering service has you covered. This will result in fewer distractions for you, while your callers still receive excellent service.

A real estate answering service shows customers that you care

For many, buying or selling a home is an emotional experience. The pandemic has also been hard on most of us. With that said, today’s real estate customers need to be treated with the highest level of care, kindness, and compassion. They don’t want to be sent to voicemail or rushed through a call because you’re juggling several tasks at once. When you partner with a real estate answering service, your callers will be greeted by a friendly, compassionate live agent who has only one task on his or her to-do list: to provide excellent service.

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