3 Signs It’s Time for A Property Management Answering Service

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way businesses around the world operate, and the property management industry has certainly been impacted. Property management offices now receive more phone calls than in the past, and managers are struggling to keep up. With more on their plates than ever, property managers cannot afford to waste time. To free up their hands while ensuring that tenants are still receiving excellent service, many are outsourcing to property management answering services.

If you’re trying to decide whether partnering with a property management answering service is right for you, consider these signs that you might be in need of one: 

You’re juggling too many tasks and calls are going unanswered

The average workload for many property managers has risen significantly as a result of the pandemic. From establishing and enforcing new safety protocols to more frequent cleaning and sanitizing, to reassuring nervous tenants, a property manager’s job description has certainly gotten longer.

Being super busy is no reason to send tenants to voicemail and make them feel ignored and unimportant. If it has become a challenge to juggle everything while also keeping up with a constantly ringing phone, a property management answering service can help! Our friendly, professional live agents can manage your phone calls, emails, text messages, and even live web chat to assist tenants with things like appointment setting, answering general questions, escalating emergency issues, and relaying messages.

You’ve seen an increase in calls due to the pandemic

Answering Service Care has been around for decades to help businesses with disaster recovery. When the COVID outbreak began, we jumped in to support a variety of businesses that were suddenly receiving more calls than they could handle. With COVID on everyone’s minds, property managers are getting more calls from tenants with questions and concerns:

  • “What happens if someone in the building tests positive for COVID?”
  • “How often is the fitness center sanitized?”
  • “How many people should ride in the elevator at one time?”

Do these questions sound familiar? If so, it’s time to outsource to a property management answering service. Your dedicated live agents receive comprehensive training before getting started and will be ready with answers to all of these frequently answered questions.

You’re wasting too much time on spam calls

If you’re spending too much time dealing with spam phone calls, a property management answering service can provide almost instant relief. Robocalls will become a thing of the past, thanks to our “Spam Blocker” technology that can identify live human callers from robots. The robocalls get filtered out, meaning that you don’t have to pay for our live agents to answer these calls. Instead, our friendly live agents will greet and help your tenants, asking the right questions to qualify calls and identify true emergencies. From there, messages will be relayed, and urgent issues will be escalated.

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