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3 Benefits of an Answering Service for Contractors

Answering Service for Contractors
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When you work as a service contractor, the phone is often the main way that your customers get in touch. A ringing phone is the sound of a successful business, but it can be difficult to keep up with when you’re constantly on the road or in the middle of a job. That’s why service contractors of all types- from plumbers, to landscapers, to electricians, to painters (and everything in between)- often partner with call answering services. Here are three ways that service contractors can benefit by partnering with an answering service.

You can be available 24/7- without sacrificing time off

Many types of service contractors will attest that after-hours calls are not unusual. Pipes burst, dishwashers leak, and emergencies happen. But you work hard all day long, and rest is necessary if you wish to do your job well.

When you partner with a 24/7 answering service, your time off will truly be yours to enjoy. Our live agents will ask the right questions to identify true emergencies and only disturb you if necessary. Otherwise, they will reassure the caller, help them schedule an appointment, or take a detailed message.

You’ll retain more valuable customers

It has often been said that it is cheaper and easier to get current customers to make a repeat purchase than it is to find new customers. Your current customers are not only the ones who will keep the profits rolling in; it’s also up to them to get the word out about your business through online reviews and word of mouth. With that said, it is vital that they feel valued and happy.

As a leading answering service since 1974, we know exactly what it takes to “wow” customers. Our professional live agents have years of experience serving all types of callers. They receive specialized training on your business and industry, as well as how to provide exceptional customer service. Our friendly, compassionate agents know how to effectively calm down and reassure angry or stressed callers, impress new leads, and deliver the highest level of personalized service to your valuable customers. Answering Service Care also offers bilingual virtual receptionists if your business receives a high volume of calls from Spanish speakers. If you often receive calls during non-business hours, we can provide 24/7 coverage. No matter what, we are here for you!

Your business will look bigger and more professional

When people call service contractors, the contractor often answers the phone themselves. Although this is common, it is usually not beneficial for either party. The contractor is often in the middle of a job and therefore distracted. Sometimes there is a bad connection and calls get dropped. As a result, callers may feel rushed, unimportant, or underwhelmed.

When you work with a live answering service, your callers will be assisted by someone who is only focused on one thing: providing excellent service. This will lead to tons of great first impressions, and happier customers. As the voice of your company, your live agent will greet and assist callers in a quiet office. You callers will never know that he or she is working remotely. Instead, they will likely picture your virtual receptionist sitting in your office, which creates the image that your business is larger than it might be.

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